Civic Center

Civic Centre

• Armada Way
• 1958 – 1962
• By Jellicoe, Ballantyne and Coleridge with H.J.W. Stirling
• Listed Grade II


Civic Centre was officially opened by the Queen in 1962 with the visions and aspirations of
the new City Council after the city’s war devastation. It consists of three main structures,
the City House, the link corridor and the 14 storey Civic Centre Administration Tower. It is a
concrete structure with extensive use of precast concrete panels and Portland stone

The double storey high Council House breaks forward on round columns with a glazed
balustrade balcony that offers view of the civic square. The east and west facades of the
tower have a complex of 432 aluminium framed windows set over granite panels. Its
inverted ‘V’ shaped concrete canopy is parallel to the long axis of Abercrombie’s city plan
from north to south and can be seen from either the Hoe or the North Cross, giving an
impression of a landmark.

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