Dingles Department Store

Dingles Department Store
• 100-120 Armada Way / 40-46 Royal Parade
• 1948-1951
• By T.S. Tait of Sir John Burnet Tait & Partners

‘Dingles’ was the first department store in UK to be rebuilt after the War. Designed by internationally renowned architects, great emphasis has been given to the building’s design and materiality.

The four storey rectangular clock is steel framed and clad in precast concrete with storey-high panels made of Portland stone. The high quality of aestheticism is especially expressed on the south elevation through the cast in situ sculptures depicting motifs of exotic fruits as symbols of cornucopia and scenes of trading as metaphor to the building’s commercial character.

The joints of the building were expressed either in a ‘cut-out’ form behind the structure or with golden Ham stone panels forming horizontal stripes with the Portland stone façade. The massive form of the building defines the junction of Armada Way and Royal Parade, making it a prominent building which is still in original use.

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