National Provincial Bank

• St Andrew’s Cross
• 1956-1959
• By B.C. Sherren, F. Norman, A. Souter, G. Miles, Powell & Moya, Guiseppe
Terragni, Figini & Pollini, Lucio Costa and Oscar Neimeyer
• Listed Grade II

The inventive re-working of traditional bank architecture is expressed through this grand four-storey portico which consists of high quality details of a rear wall turquoise, lilac and gold mosaic tiles, bronze windows, bronze doors framed in white marble, curved copper roof, surmounted by a green glass lantern clock.

The reinforced concrete frame is largely clad in Portland stone, Dartmoor granite and High Broom hand-made facing bricks. This was the headquarters for the South West of England, not just a branch bank. Accordingly a very generous budget was given and this is reflected in the high quality materials used throughout the building.

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