Places of Muslim Worship


Shia Community

Sunni Community

On January 7th 2015, the terrorist attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris and on a kosher supermarket occurred and an “explosion”  of emotions and gestures of solidarity from all over the world, accompanied by various political responses, followed the tragic events.

Debates over radical Islam and immigrant assimilation aroused, stigmatizing the Muslim population of Western countries.

As a member of a multicultural society, I was intrigued to engage with the members of the local Islamic communities of Plymouth and experience the religion of Islam through my interaction with them.

This highly heterogeneous society, consist of people of different nationalities and languages, different cultural backgrounds and a variety of socio-political  views, a diversity that expands even to their religious identity and practices

The collection of photographs is a series of experiences and observations, limited by the lack of time, moves and access. It captures moments of interacting and praying in various spaces and  moments.

The installation invites the viewer to step in and take a glimpse into the Muslim worship of a group of people and individuals as well.

The carpet indicates the nature of each space, whether if it is a community’s space, a mosque or an individual’s house. The three dimensional sense of space intends to make the viewer, active enough to engage with each series.


Places of Muslim Worship, left to right:

– Individual’s house
– “Plymouth Islamic Education Trust” (PIETY), (Sunni community)
– “Islamic and Ahlulbayt Islamic society”, (Shia community)
– Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

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